Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Competition Brewing

Did you know that I write young adult novels under the pseudonym Adrian McKinty? Ok it's not a very good pseudonym, or, nom de plume, if you will, but maybe I'm just not that creative, did you ever consider that possibility? Anyhoo I'm getting a delivery of a small box of first editions of my book The Lighthouse Keepers, the third book in the Lighthouse Trilogy (though it can be read as a standalone in my opinion) - if you'd be interested in getting a copy then stay tuned and I'll figure out how I'm going to do this one. And please dear God, I beg you, someone review me on Amazon who is not my mum or high school English teacher.

Oh and speaking of Amazon. Fifty Grand now has its own sweet Amazon listing here. Ain't that cute? No cover yet, so if anyone has any ideas. . .