Thursday, September 4, 2008

Competition Time

Ok, here's the deal. I've been working on the page proofs for my new crime novel Fifty Grand. Normally you send the proofs back to the publisher and they look at your marks and adjust the manuscript accordingly, but because I'm in Australia I'm emailing in my changes and keeping the proofs. Or so Henry Holt believes. What I'm actually going to do is give away these unbound page proofs of 50G, complete with doodles, last minute edits, curses, coffee stains, blood, sweat, tears etc. to the person who can tell me how long the manuscript is. The proofs are numbered and the author information appears on the final page. What is that page number? (HINT: It's less than 400 pages.) I'll air mail the complete proofs to the person who is closest to the right answer. In the unlikely event of a tie, I'll have a tie breaker question and the runner up will get a photocopy of the proofs and some signed books or something.
How will you enter this exciting competition I hear you ask? Couldnt be simpler, mate. Just fill in the comment box below with your page number guess and REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. If you've got a blogger account you can tick the email address box for follow up comments. If you dont have a blogger account then you'll have to include your address in your response so I can contact you. One entry per person please.
Fair enough? The closing date will be midnight Friday September 12th EST, in the US which is 5 a.m. Saturday Sept 13 in the UK and 2 p.m. Saturday Sept 13 in Australia.