Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Have Our Winners!

Well done to Brian, Colman and Roisin! The answer to the doggie walking comp was 30 minutes. Brian, spookily, got the exact time and Colman and Roisin were pretty damn close. I feel bad for Marco and Mark who missed out by a measly couple of minutes and if airmail rates werent so expensive I send you books anyway, but Post Australia charges an effing fortune for airmail so sorry guys I dont have Grisham money, however when I have my Fifty Grand galley competition I'm going to try and give away four or five of those babies and you'll hopefully get lucky then. Anyway well done Bri, Colman, and Roisin. BTW Roisin I need your email address, despite trolling through your six (!) blogs I couldn't find an email. So please get in touch.
Finally thank you to everyone who took part. One of the great things about having a blog is that you can connect a wee bit with your readers/allies/stalkers and give away stuff that people will dig. In a month I'm hoping to have galleys of Fifty Grand to pass on and I'm going to be asking for input when we're designing the book jacket for said (cough) masterpiece. Sláinte agus táinte...adrian