Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dick Morris - The New Nostradamus?

Condi vs Hillary - A Review
Last week I was delighted to receive a signed copy of Dick Morris's book Condi vs. Hillary, in which the Fox News commentator explains why the 2008 Presidential Election will be fought between Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party and Condoleeza Rice for the GOP. Prescient and astute as always Morris eschews hyperbole and outlines his case with his customary balanced, forensic, certitude. Unlike so many here-today gone-tomorrow political books Condi vs Hillary contains no trace of unthinking prejudice or hurried punditry. Morris has clearly taken the trouble to present his thoughts in a careful, well organized and logical manner. He did not rush this book into print, rather, like Thucydides or Tacitus, he wants his text to stand the test of time, to be a beacon of nuanced prose and philosophical insight that shines across the centuries. Utilizing his insider contacts and his years of hardwon political experience Morris explains how Hillary Clinton will become President of the United States in 2009, unless Condi Rice is able to stop her. Like his philippics on Fox News, Morris's arguments are impossible to resist and on finishing CvH I put a thousand dollar bet on Hillary for pres (unaccountably she now stands at 1 000 000 to 1 in the William Hill odds). With my winnings I intend to refloat the economy of Iceland or build a bridge from Ireland to Scotland (a pet project of mine). As well as dizzying intellectual analyses and dazzling wordsmithry, the book also has an attractive author photograph. The beaming, elegant Morris generously shares author credit with wife Eileen McGann who must thank her lucky stars every morning when she wakes beside this dashing confederate of politicos, presidents and princes, this good friend and advisor to the Cicero of our era: Sean Hannity.