Friday, October 31, 2008

First They Made Starbuck A Girl And Now This?

A while ago I wrote a piece on Declan Burke's CAP wondering why many of the great icons of Englishness like Stephen Fry and Daniel Day Lewis really want to be Irish. I didn't actually come up with any answers but I suggested a retreat into the fictional realm to find icons of Englishness. After casting a Scot, an Australian, Roger Moore, a Welshman and an Irishman as James Bond they finally cast an Englishman (allbeit a Scouser) in the lead role. The majority of Robin Hoods - through no fault of their own - have had Trans Atlantic accents and now, apparently, even Dr. Who is doomed. First they hired a Scot (the excellent David Tennant) and the BBC reports today that silky voiced, follicly challenged, Ulsterman James Nesbitt is the odds on favourite to become the new Dr. Who. Everybody knows that Ireland's best actors come from County Antrim: Nesbitt, Branagh, Neeson, Rea etc. but is the Brando of Bushmills right for the part of Last of the Timelords? Dr. Who has had a regional accent before but I don't know if I want to hear the Doctor saying things like "Bout ya, big man, yon's a quare scowl on your bake," or "Don't get eggy with me love, I'm way too scunnered to save the world today," or even the immortal "The Tardis is f**king banjaxed and here come the bloody Daleks, tell ya, I am keeking ma whips, so I am." But maybe that's just me.