Friday, October 10, 2008

The Most Emailed Story on the BBC Today

Is The Big Lebowski a cultural milestone?
The Dude, Donny and Walter (photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)
By Finlo Rohrer BBC News Magazine
It's 10 years since the release of The Big Lebowski, a film that split cinema audiences down the middle but created a strange cult. Is The Dude a slacker prince for our times? Not everybody likes The Big Lebowski. The Big Lebowski is a cult film. That is to say, not everybody likes it but those who do, in the main, have a special relationship with it. When it was released, as the follow-up to the Coen brothers' well-regarded and academy-impressing Fargo, many critics found themselves underwhelmed. Fargo was a film that hung together well - tightly paced and plotted, full of dark humour and moments of pathos. The Big Lebowski, on the other hand, could be viewed as two hours of wild self-indulgence, packed to the gills with bowling, White Russian cocktails, and swearing...
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1:30 pm update. Now its only the third most emailed item after the world financial meltdown and something about Sarah Palin. What's the matter with you people, don't you know a real story when you see it?