Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Election Prediction

Pop and soda counties will vote Obama. Coke counties will vote McCain. Obama wins a plurality of counties. Obama wins. In terms of blog predictions my record has been 100 percent so far. (Click the map to enlarge it. ) ... Now if you believe in The Jinx (as all right minded people should) let me also predict that I am going to get selected to play left wing for Northern Ireland and I will score in every game all the way through and including the 2010 World Cup Final which Northern Ireland will win beating Brazil 5:4, having been down 4:0 at half time. Fortuna/The Jinx/Hubris should go for the more outrageous of these two predictions (although you cant tell the Jinx what to do).
Thursday Update.
Ok apart from Montana and the Dakotas I was right! Check out the latest maps on
...Thursday afternoon update: Check out this map below. These are the counties where the Republican candidate did better in 2008 than in 2004, not many of them and yes they're all "coke" counties.