Thursday, January 1, 2009

Apollo Bay

We spent the week in Apollo Bay, Victoria, a seaside town just round the corner from the bay where Patrick Swayze (SPOILER ALERT)dies at the end of Point Break. (If you haven't seen Point Break and you're a fan of prime cheese then get thee to a Netflix Queue.) Apollo of course is the sun god and patron of the muses, but alas during our week it rained hard every day, we saw little of our local star and the muses didn't give me or anyone else any great ideas. It was all rather like my childhood summer holidays in Ireland with parents bundled up in scarves and coats, driving freezing blue lipped children into the sea. Except this time I was one of the parents in the coats and the sea was the churning waters of the Southern Ocean. Yes I know its churlish to complain about the weather when North America is buried in snow, but even so Scrabble and Connect Four can only provide a limited amount of entertainment while rain constantly lashes your windows and the whisky runs low. (I did finally read The Secret History (Tartt not Procopius) and that was pretty good.)
We arrived back in Saint Kilda to find our house unrobbed, Arwynn's fish still alive, our Christmas tree wilted and skeletal and my box of Fifty Grand undelivered. So that Fifty Grand giveaway I promised is going to have to wait a week or two yet. (Apologies for that.) Anyway hope everyone had a great new year and do stay in touch - 2009 is either going to be the year I make it as a writer or I jack it all in and have a major rethink about my life. (Literature's loss will be light opera's gain.) Either way its going to be an exciting and no doubt whingy and complaint filled ride for readers of this blog. Still for the moment "happy the man who from the sea escapes the storm and finds harbor," - Euripides, The Bacchae.