Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aarrggghhh! - I've Been Attacked By Pirates

Not of the dastardly Somali variety nor even by the camp Mr Depp and his ilk, no these are the kind who upload your song, film or - in my case - audiobook onto a free server for the whole world to enjoy. All you have to do is get a bit torrent program and as long as someone keeps seeding it you can now download Fifty Grand for nothing. Of course I do not recommend this policy, for although I don't get any royalties from the audio versions of my books it probably hurts the company's bottom line; still I can't but be impressed by the speed of the little rapscallions, the audio version of 50 G only came out a fortnight ago and already its on p2p software. Nice work lads. And no I'm going to give you a link, that's just being too cheeky by half; however if you do download the torrent and like the book and are troubled by a guilty conscience afterwards you could do worse than give me a wee review on audible or amazon. Karma will no doubt bless you with an encounter with Keira or Johnny or (if you're 13) Orlando.