Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Bono Elvis Tribute

In honour of Bono's poetic tribute to Elvis, here's my own tribute to Bono. Childish? Yes. Heartfelt? Well, not really, but it passed a couple of minutes.

rat poo,
a pestilential crew,
one of them’s only five foot two,
not the bald one,
or the ‘blonde’ one,
or the other one,
no, the one who owns private islands like Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun,
Elvis follower,
God botherer
tax dodgerer,
eye linerer,
won’t even pay a library finerer,
got more dough than a Saudi oil refinerer,
lectures us not to over strive,
but to be like him, spiritualized,
swears when the feed’s being carried live,
quotes Bible verses but not Mark 10:25,
you liked Cole Porter’s ‘Begin the Beguine’,
lucky, cos I swam once in the guitar shaped pool of the Graceland Days Inn,
and that makes a good rhyme.