Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kiwi Is Not The Only Fruit

I did a couple of radio interviews yesterday. One was for Radio New Zealand and the other was for Sydney ABC. Dont ask me what I talked about as these things are always a bit of a blur for me and I dont like listening to myself talk. But if you want to hear the silky tones of North Belfast filtered through Oxford, New York, Jersualem, Denver and Melbourne and possibly hear me waffle on about Fifty Grand, crime fiction, Cuba, rugby, sandwiches (?), JRR Tolkien and other stuff then you can listen to the Radio New Zealand Podcast here on the programme Nights With Bryan Crump. (Nice chap, Bryan). I dont think the ABC interview with the equally charming and fragrant Jon Casimir is up yet but this is the web site for when it does become available.