Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Those Ghastly Americans and Their Dreadful Halloween (Again!)

Every year the British press publishes an article by some Little Englander nutcase attacking Halloween as a gauche American invention that's all about requiring you to spend, spend, spend. This year it was AN Wilson's turn in The Daily Mail. What's interesting about Wilson's lazy article is how similar it was to Andrew Martin's piece in the Guardian last year. It's almost as if Wilson had Martin's article in front of him while he was typing. Hmmm.
These columns are so tedious to me. They ignore the fact that Halloween is a Celtic invention, not an American one and thrives in the parts of the British Isles where toffs like AN Wilson obviously never travel to. Still for a man so well educated you think he at least would have dipped into The Golden Bough now and again where the multifarious British manifestations of Halloween are well documented. I'd love to rehash all my arguments from November 2008, but the articles are so suspiciously similar, perhaps you should just read my post from last year instead.