Friday, January 8, 2010

Mrs Robinson You're Trying to Seduce Me - Aren't You?

In 2008 Iris Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson said that homosexuals were an "abomination" and "worse even than child molesters." She explained that as an MP and member of Northern Ireland's Assembly that it was her duty and the duty of all public servants to uphold God's law as exemplified by the 10 Commandments. (Not a big reader of Edmund Burke is Mrs R).
Well we all knew what was going to happen next didn't we? Every single time one of those holier than thou uber-Pentecostal freaks starts blathering about gays and sodomy and God's law you just know that they are going to be found out as complete and utter twists trying desperately to weave a smokescreen. BBC Northern Ireland's excellent Spotlight programme discovered yesterday that Mrs Robinson had seduced a 19 year old graduate (well, a high school graduate) and had given him a wad of cash so he could open (only in Northern Ireland folks) a chip shop.
Of course now under God's law poor Mrs Robinson will actually have to be stoned to death. Her husband and all the members of the Stalinist-Gothic Metropolitan Faith Cathedral in north Belfast will have to dig a hole and bung her in it and chuck rocks at her Iran-style. This hardly seems fair. She's an attractive woman and Northern Ireland could always do with another chip shop or two. And if Peter Robinson resigns and the Northern Ireland Assembly falls apart and Ulster tumbles into civil war because of this I for one am going to blame the BBC. . . for not showing Mike Nichols's edifying masterpiece The Graduate often enough.

And speaking of's that creepy/foxy chick from Pomplamoose Music with a nice version of Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs Robinson. The lyrics were never more appropriate.