Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I Hate Budweiser

On the AB-InBev corporate website I clicked on a link to find out what beers they brew (they control so many brands now its nuts) and this piece of company speak came up front and centre of the page. Go ahead, read it...Ok, what does that say to you? Nothing about making good beer or a delicious product or following ancient traditions or even a word about the goddamn Rheinheitsgebot but instead: "We build fresh appeal and competitive advantage through innovative products and services." Clearly that's Martian speak for "you must be a real bog-born eejit to drink our beer." We build fresh appeal. If you ever want a punch in the face just say "we build fresh appeal" to me. If you don't believe me about how much AnheuserBusch-InBev hate their customers just click the link above and take a dander through their website. Its all about building "brand loyality" among consumers and being a "portfolio player" in a high stakes James Bond corporate f**k fantasy. Leave a comment below if you find anything that evinces any kind of love for beer - the drink that took us out of the Stone Age, built the bloody pyramids and put a man on the moon.