Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's the little things that you miss

I've been in Australia for two years now and everything is going swimmingly. However, much to my surprise, I have found that I miss squirrels. There are no squirrels in Australia except for an alleged small feral population that escaped from Perth Zoo, so that doesn't really count does it? Yes, as Dame Edna will tell you there are cute little possums everywhere, but they are nocturnal creatures that you seldom see in daylight and in twilight their silhouette is the same as a Norwegian rat which is not pleasant.
As Catullus said of his main squeeze: odi et amo, which is pretty much how I feel about squirrels. I've been crapped on by a squirrel before and twice the same squirrel (I suspect) broke in through an open window in my rooms at university and scattered cereal all over the place. Yet now that they're not around I miss the little perishers, especially the adorable wee red ones that you'd see in woods in the north of England. Melbourne zoo does not have a squirrel exhibit although I think it would prove very popular, so I suppose I'll just have to get my squirrel fix here.