Friday, June 8, 2012


Prometheus is a disappointing film. Just how disappointing? Well, I'd say its up there with The Matrix Reloaded but not quite the catastrophe that was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Most of the problems come from the confused and unfocused script which is a tired mishmash of such diverse elements as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stargate, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Alien Versus Predator. Ridley Scott has very much lost his storytelling compass in the last decade and he's acquired the knack in recent years of turning a good, original idea into a dreary Hollywood tick-the-boxes one. (The sad tale of Nottingham is the prima facie case of this). Scott at 75 has forgotten that story builds on character and without good characters a script is largely worthless. In Prometheus there is no space for characters to exist and although the rather bland cast do their best they have nothing to work with but dialogue so wooden it would have been embarrassing for the woodentops to utter it. I don't know what the initial script of Prometheus looked like but it was Ridley Scott's idea to bring in one of the writers of Lost who completely rewrote the original concept into the Lost-style rather pretentious mess which the film has become.  
Prometheus is a hair's breadth away from being a one star disaster but it is saved by some striking visuals, a nice turn by Michael Fassbender and a great scene of self surgery in the final act. Still we expected a lot more from Ridley Scott whose two previous science fiction films Alien and Blade Runner are both masterpieces. Sir Ridley doesn't need the money and it probably would have been better for his reputation if he had passed on Fox's whole Prometheus concept when it was first raised three years ago. Perhaps someone can now stage an intervention and talk him out of his crazy idea to - essentially - remake Blade Runner