Friday, October 24, 2014

Iain Sinclair

 The above is a little video blog about Iain Sinclair. I should stress that Sinclair's writing is definitely not for everyone and before you get any of his books you should read the first 3 pages or so first. Sinclair is a cult writer, but a cultist whose texts lie at the intersection of a number of counter cultural movements in poetry, film, photography, psychogeography etc. In various projects he's appeared with Jonathan Meades, Stewart Lee, William Gibson, JG Ballard etc. - who are all artistic heroes of mine. Perhaps the strangest appearance of Iain Sinclair anywhere is in Alan Moore's comic League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009, where a slightly disguised Sinclair shows Orlando (from Virginia Woolf's Orlando) and Nina Harker (from Dracula) the secret entrance to the Harry Potter realm at Kings Cross Station. (In this version of the story Potter is the evil Moonchild, conjured up by Aleister Crowley, who then attempts to destroy the world, which, er, is not something you see every day.) Sinclair is the bald chap with the glasses.