Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ridley Rated

This is an updated version of an earlier post...updated to include my rating of The Martian which wasn't half bad. If only Scott's next project wasn't a sequel to the terrible Prometheus...
I like Ridley Scott. He's got a great work ethic for a 78 year old and he's a blunt Geordie (very entertaining interview with Scott here.) Although I dont consider myself a Scott fanboy somehow I have managed to see all of his films. British critics especially consider him to be an auteur but he clearly isn't a genius all the time as there have been some real stinkers along the way. A visual poet certainly but story often lets him down. These are my ratings in the standard A,B,C,D,F format:

1977 The Duellists A
1979 Alien A
1982 Blade Runner A
1985 Legend F
1987 Someone to Watch Over Me D
1989 Black Rain C
1991 Thelma & Louise C
1992 1492: Conquest of Paradise D
1996 White Squall D
1997 G.I. Jane C
2000 Gladiator B
2001 Hannibal D
2002 Black Hawk Down A
2003 Matchstick Men C
2005 Kingdom of Heaven C
2006 A Good Year F
2007 American Gangster C
2008 Body of Lies D
2010 Robin Hood F
2012 Prometheus D
2013 The Counselor C
2014 Exodus F
2015 The Martian B
2016 Alien Paradise Lost (Prometheus 2)