Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sean Duffy News & An Embarrassing Apology

I get more tweets and emails about whats happening with the Sean Duffy books than any other topic so I feel that I should fill you in. The first Sean Duffy novel appeared in the UK and Ireland in 2012 and in the US and Canada in 2013. It was called THE COLD COLD GROUND. The sixth and last Sean Duffy novel in English* appeared in 2017 and 2018. It was called POLICE AT THE STATION AND THEY DONT LOOK FRIENDLY


My plan was to take a hiatus from the Duffy books and write two standalones and then return to the Duffy series possibly publishing book 7 in 2021, book 8 in 2022 and a final book 9 in 2023. I wrote the first standalone called The Chain which appeared in 2019 and the second was due to come out in early 2021. 


The Covid 19 pandemic however has wrecked pretty much every publishing schedule and my books were no exception. Obviously a novelists plans are small potatoes compared to a global catastrophe. The purpose of this blog is not for me to complain about the industry but to apologize to Duffy readers and to explain why I have NOT kept my promise to publish a new Sean Duffy in 2021. 


This is not the same situation as some better known writers who keep tinkering with their text and can't let it go to the public. Book 7 of the Duffy series is in fact finished and Book 8 is pretty much done. Indeed *early versions of these novels have already appeared in German where the legal issues are a bit simpler to navigate. 


I am NOT going to make another foolish promise here. I'm deeply embarrassed that I have let people down by saying that Duffy 7 was going to come out by the autumn of 2021 which obviously it is not. Instead of making another promise I'm just going to tentatively say that Duffy 7 may be out in late 2022. 

The titles of the last 3 Duffy books are (as usual) all lyrics from Tom Waits songs. They are: 




Once again, I apologize for letting down the Duffy fans and making promises I did not keep. Its feeble to read it here in print but these really were circumstances beyond my control. I have learned my lesson. From now on I wont guarantee a book coming until I get my box of copies from the publisher. 

Thank you for your patience,