Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Credit Where Credit's Due

So, unlike Abraham Lincoln, Fifty Grand is officially out! I'm very relieved. I kept thinking something terrible was going to intervene first, either a catastrophic comet strike or an alien invasion or maybe just the libel lawyers who could have put a kybosh on the whole thing. (The first two are products of my over imaginative fancy, the last however is realer than you'll ever know me hearties.) I don't know whether its because I come from a tribe of dour Ulster folks or only my pessimistic nature but I've always suspected that doom was around the corner; still, at this moment, I'm relieved and happy and I'd like to thank everyone at Henry Holt for doing such a great job with the book, especially, but not exclusively, Sarah Knight and Supurna Banerjee. I'd also like to give a shout out to Ger Brennan, Peter Rozovsky, Dec Burke and Ken Bruen for being early supporters. And big thank yous also to Bruce Grossman, Corey Wilde, Seana Graham, Mike Stone & Ann Giles for their early reviews. It's all down hill from here no doubt until I'm lying prone and broken in a dungy, nettle filled bog sheugh, but until that moment, from the giddy heights of publication day, I say thank you all.