Thursday, October 11, 2018

All The Books In The Duffyverse (updated)

Ok, so I'm FINALLY all done with Sean Duffy 7 The Detective Up Late and we're getting some pubdates together. Probably mid 2019 for Duffy 7 and possibly the last two Sean Duffy novels coming six months apart in 2020. I've written a standalone (more on that another time) and that may come out first before all of them!

I've figured out a way of tying in Fifty Grand into the Duffyverse in The Detective Up late so this is now the complete list of the Duffyverse books. However I'm more convinced than ever that the Alexander Lawson of Hidden River exists in not quite the same universe as the Alexander Lawson of the Sean Duffy novels, maybe one universe over...All the rest works fine. And yes Michael Forsythe and Killian will be appearing in the final trilogy...