Wednesday, August 6, 2008

reviews are like world wars, you wait ages for one then two come along at once

Peter 'The Man' Rozovsky reviews The Dead Yard over at Detectives Beyond Borders. Peter's take on the strange second book of The Dead Trilogy? I'm not going to spoil it, hop on over and find out.

The Sunday Times reviews The Bloomsday Dead. Their verdict on the last book in the trilogy? Again why should I ruin it for you? Jump across to see.
Gentlemen the pair of them. Sort of like this kindly old gent (right) though hopefully not as drunk. And I'm sure they've got someone to iron their shirts.
August 10th update. A nice review from Gene McEldowney in the Irish Independent here. Thank you, I appreciate it. Mr. McEldowney's shirts are always pristine.