Sunday, February 21, 2010

Perth Writers Festival

If you're in Perth this weekend why don't you come see me at the Perth Writers Festival. Fortunately I'll be surrounded by big name talents so I won't be under too much pressure to be funny or interesting. This is the programme listing for my stuff:

Pulp Fiction

The new novels of KA Bedford, Lenny Bartulin and Adrian McKinty have a Chandleresque air to them. They look at the legacy of noir fiction and its effect on their writing with Grant Stone.

Chair: Grant Stone

Undercroft Sat 27 Feb, 2 – 3pm

Crime Does Pay

Crime writers Colin McLaren and Adrian McKinty consider the interplay between real life and the imagination in the world of crime fiction.

Chair: Deborah Kennedy

Uni Club Theatre Sat 27 Feb, 5 – 6pm

Complex Characters

Though crime fiction is sometimes accused of being formulaic, it often features complex characters who grow over a series of books. Michael Koryta, Adrian McKinty and Irvine Welsh talk about the complexity of character.

Chair: John Harman

Uni Club Theatre Sun 28 Feb, 12.30 – 1.30pm
I'll also be doing an event on March 2nd when I'm back in Melbourne at the North Fitzroy Star hotel at 6 PM with Michael Koryta, Marianne Delacourt & Rebecca James.