Friday, May 14, 2010

Geek Love

I've got a little article up in The Times about nerd heroes, inspired in part by the new muscular version of Robin Hood. It's my attempt at a list of the top 20 geek icons, you know, for those of us who aren't testosterone overdosing grunting biped killers. I was thinking about my choices this morning and of course there are many people who I could have added and skimming the complaints of commenters I've had a few more ideas. Data from Next Gen? Perhaps. Flight of the Conchords? Maybe, but those dudes are way too cool to be real geeks. Harold and Kumar, from the Harold and Kumar films? Yes, they might have made my list had Harold not become a well respected serious actor and Kumar joined the Obama administration. No, really, he did. Anyway you can check out my selections in The Times, here. You should do it before this and every other article in the paper disappears behind their incoming pay wall.
Oh, the picture? That comes from which is a companion site to Fail Blog one of my favourite places on the interwebs for killing time. Why they included this stylish family in a blog called is beyond me. And I'll bet you that they're all MIT professors or internet billionaires by now.