Friday, August 27, 2010


Liking the movie Salt does not come without a certain shame. The plot doesn't make sense for a minute. The characters do not act like rational beings. The stunts defy the laws of physics and the multiple escapes strain patience and credulity. The screenplay is an homage to No Way Out et. al. and none of the twists are any kind of a surprise. To cap it all, the cinema I saw it in was full of grubby men in rain coats. And yet. . .I liked the film a lot. Angelina Jolie is a proper movie star who looks like she belongs up on the big screen and she has that indefinable presence that we all know when we see but can't quite figure out what it is. (Perhaps its the pout). Star quality counts for a good deal, maybe everything. Jolie's acting style (if one can call it that) is all smirky self parody and forehead creasing broodiness. But the story moves, the supporting cast is excellent, the picture was edited within an inch of its life and Jolie's sheer charisma carries it all along effortlessly.
And here's some photos and the first interview with the real life "Salt" Anna Chapman c/o Life TV and the Russian Men's Magazine Heat.