Tuesday, September 14, 2010

David Thompson

I read the sad news on Dec Burke's blog that David Thompson of the great Murder By The Book store in Houston has died. Thompson was a tireless advocate of new authors and crime and mystery writing in general. I never did a reading at Murder By The Book but I visited the store when I was in Houston and was impressed by everything about it.
The big chains only carry the big authors, so we small fry, especially mystery authors, owe these plucky independent book stores a big debt of thanks for keeping our names in the public eye. Actually no, that's the passive voice. Let me rephrase that: I would like to thank every bookshop and bookstore owner that has ever hosted a reading for me or invited me to be part of a panel. I really appreciate it and I am in your debt.
Mr Thompson, my best wishes to your friends, colleagues and family. You will be missed.