Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

My audio book read at the moment is The 1000 Autumns of Jacob De Sloot by David Mitchell, which I've been listening to on my iPod on the bike or riding public transport. After a nauseating opening I'm really enjoying the book which is set in Nagasaki around 1800 and may be about to involve the Nagasaki Harbour Incident and HMS Phaeton. Or maybe not. I got the book from the St Kilda Public Library as an audio e book download which makes me feel a lot less guilty than getting it as a torrent. The audio e book process works very well and I've "checked it out" for a renewable three week period. Very cool.
In other audio news I've learned that the great Blackstone Audio will be bringing out my new crime novel Falling Glass in an audio edition next year and also the first two books in my Lighthouse Trilogy: The Lighthouse Land and The Lighthouse Wars. You'll be able to get those books from iTunes or Audible.com or directly from Blackstone. Falling Glass and the Lighthouse books are going to be read by Gerard Doyle who has done most of my stuff. Ger and I had a skype conversation about how to pronounce certain words etc. in the kids series and I'm confident that he is going to do an excellent job as usual. He also told me a story about when he and his kid met Steven Spielberg that had me laughing my arse off.