Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pleasing Podcasts

When I'm driving the car or riding my bike I like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I've talked often here about the audiobooks I'm currently listening to but I don't think I've ever mentioned the podcasts. Let me rectify that: 
1. The BBC's newspod: 30 minute morning news bulletin from the Beeb. All the depressing news of the day in an easily digestible form.
2. The Guardian Science Weekly: exactly what it says on the tin.
3. The Kevin Pollak Chat Show. A long weekly interview show with - usually - someone pretty interesting. He used to start the show with a great corny joke but alas he doesn't do that anymore.
4. The BBC's Start The Week: Monday morning BBC arts show.  
5. Hardcore History: an intermittant history podcast, usually pretty good.
6. In Our Time: Melvyn Bragg and a panel of experts look at one particular event in history.
7. Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Reviews: can be quite fun or very irritating. Or both.  
8. The Bugle: John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman do a satirical news roundup for The Times.
9. Doug Benson's I Love Movies: His name is Doug and he loves movies.
10. What Would Herzog Do?: I've just started listening to this one. Its a monthly and pretty good so far. Two geeks try to live their life as Herzog would wish them to do.