Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tin Tin In The New World

Like Tin Tin & Snowy we too are innocents lost somewhere in the New World. I've written this post in advance in case I still dont have access to a computer either because of death, plane crash on a mysterious island in the Pacific or a lack of internet cafes. If I do have access to a computer I'm going to delete this post so if you're reading it...well you get it. This means of course that I still cant respond to blog comments, however if its reasons 2 or 3 I will read all your comments when I get the chance so please keep em rolling in. And dont forget that I've still got a whole bunch of interesting (or possibly not) original blog posts lined up.
On a side note I like the way Lichtenstein stuck that Matisse from the MOMA in the background there.