Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

One of these men has way too much
free time on his hands....
Matt Damon and Emily Something attempt to outwit the angels who control the universe in this pretty good romantic thriller. The story is based on a short by Philip K Dick but dont let that fool you - it doesnt really have much of an edge to it, although it was produced by PKD's daughter Isa (and some other people). On balance I thought it was a pleasing enough little time waster. Some critics have been saying that its Inception Light but actually its superior to Inception in that there's actually a sex scene and the screenplay understands that love and sex are more important to people than machine guns and explosions. Inception was a film for intelligent 13 year old boys. The Adjustment Bureau is a film for slightly less intelligent grown ups. Damon was bland but competent, Emily Something was bland and completely unconvincing as a kooky dancer.  I did learn some important things from the film:

1. God lives at the top of Rockefeller Centre, apparently

2. The many people who said that my screenplay had a hacky denouement because it ended at City Hall where one character was trying to stop a wedding while being pursued by dark forces...were completely correct. It is hacky.

3. The person who wrote the dubbing lines got the Natural History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art mixed up. The place with the whale is the former not the latter.

4. Yes there are Angels and a heaven but crucially, yes, there is a hell too...its having to watch Emily Something doing modern interpretive dancing.  

5. John Slattery from Mad Men can also play John Slattery from Mad Men.

6. No one in the whole screenwriting and producing process thought to themselves, hey this is 2011 lets not have everything go wrong because the black guy was asleep on the job.

7. The trailer for Sucker Punch looks nine kinds of awesome.