Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Magnus Carlsen

I was waiting for the number 16 tram outside the St Kilda Public Library on Tuesday when I noticed this face plastered all over the side of it (right): I recognised who it was, but I wonder if many other people in Melbourne do. I imagine most punters think its a bad photograph of Justin Bieber. It isnt of course. It is in fact Magnus Carlsen, the chess grandmaster, currently ranked #1 (or #2 in some ratings) in the world. He was advertising - I think - a clothing company. I was somewhat taken aback seeing young Magnus on the side of my local tram but it can only be a good thing when a chess prodigy is a fashion icon rather than the cast of Top Gear, Project Runway Australia or Masterchef  who are on the other trams on my route.
You can read more about Magnus Carlsen's amazing career, here.