Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scott Pilgrim V The World

If this was some kind of Hipster test then I'm sorry to say that I failed. All the cool kids liked Scott Pilgrim and I kind of liked it too, until it really got really repetitive in the third act and the movie didn't know how to end. The actual end where he - spoiler alert - shrugged off the lessons he'd learned and went off with the wrong girl felt cheap. 
If good will were enough then this would be the greatest film ever. The original comic has a spazzy outsider chic. It was directed by Edgar Wright who directed the greatest sitcom of the last decade, Spaced. It starred Michael Cera who was in the greatest American sitcom of the last decade, Arrested Development. And finally it had Jason Schwartzman who was in Rushmore, the best comedy of the 90's. But good will isn't enough is it and it just didn't work. At least not for me. (Although the scene where they went clothes shopping in Goodwill was nice.) 
It's probably a generational thing. Maybe you have to be under 30 to like this movie, I don't know...Anyway, by default I'm a black cloud but today I want to leave you with the postive, so on the plus side we had: the performance of that weird McCulkin brother, Michael Cera's T shirts, the nice use of an actual phone number - none of that 555 crap -  for Ramona (212 664 7665), the performance by that girl who played Knives and a nice plug for Goodwill Canada.