Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Cold Cold Ground - The Sunday Times's Verdict

image from Rich Pangburn
In their crime round up last Sunday, the Sunday Times (UK) reviewed The Cold Cold Ground. This is what they said: 

The first in a trilogy, Adrian McKinty’s impressive The Cold Cold Ground (Serpent’s Tail £12.99/ebook £12.99) is set in Belfast in 1981, a time of hunger strikes, riots and sectarian killings. DS Sean Duffy, a university-educated Catholic cop living in a Protestant area, heads the investigation when a man’s body is found in a car, with a music score grotesquely hidden within the cadaver. Later deaths suggest a “Northern Ireland Ripper” could be at large, possibly homophobic, possibly with paramilitary connections. McKinty’s publisher compares this series to David Peace’s Red Riding novels, and there are similarities besides the period, such as the weaving in of figures who are either real (Gerry Adams) or in light disguise. Duffy’s constant wisecracking, however, lends this novel a black humour reminiscent of Jacobean drama, imbuing it with a very different atmosphere from Peace’s bleak Yorkshire noir.

The Sunday Times joins an impressive list of papers below (and many who dont have web reviews) who have loved TCCG. In fact the only sort of negative review (and it wasnt that negative) of the book I have found anywhere was in the Irish Sunday Times. I've gotten a shedload of great blog reviews too, the latest this week from Paul Brazill. The thing I love the most though is to get reviews from you! So far 17 customer reviews on, 38 on, 55 on and even one on If you haven't got TCCG yet, check out what they say below and get the book (you wont be disappointed) and after that I would love it if you could leave me a review. Slainte.