Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Thick Of It

BBC America finally decided to show the controversial BBC political sitcom The Thick Of It last week. They were so scared of creating offense that they put it on at midnight, which is ok, but then they did the unthinkable - they bleeped out all the swearing. The whole point of The Thick of It is that it has some of the best and most creative swearing that we've seen in the English language since Chaucer. The team behind The Thick of It has a new show on HBO called Veep but the reason Veep is such a crashing bore is because white Americans dont really curse with the verve of Brits or Micks and crucially Veep lacks Malcolm, the Prime Minister's sweary terrifying Scots enforcer, the star of both seasons of The Thick of It and the film In The Loop. S3E1 of The Thick Of It, unbleeped, below: