Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ned Kelly Awards

I'm really pleased to tell that you my book I Hear The Sirens In The Street has been shortlisted for Best Crime Novel at the 2013 Ned Kelly Awards. This is the Australian equivalent of the Edgars or the Daggers so it's a really big deal for me and I'm very honoured and excited. I've lived in Australia now for five years and this award nomination has really touched me and made me feel like a proper Aussie. Did I celebrate with a VB tinny in my backyard over a barbie? Well no it's too cold for a barbie here in St Kilda (4 degrees tonight) but I actually was drinking a Victoria Bitter as I got the news via twitter from the great Jon Page. VB is not normally my tipple of choice but I was watching the Ashes last night until 2.a.m. and I guess the subliminal messages finally kicked in and today I brought home an eskie full of tinnies from the aghast and disappointed beer snob bottle shop owner on Acland Street. (Its just occurred that no one in North America will understand most of that last sentence. The Ashes is a cricket match, tinnies are...oh forget it.) 
In case you don't know I Hear The Sirens In The Street is the second novel in my series of books about Detective Inspector Sean Duffy of the RUC. This book takes place in 1982 in Belfast and involves the DeLorean scandal, the FBI, sex, violence, black Ulster humour and some other stuff. So thank you judges! Add here's to VB, The Ashes and Ned Kelly. Win or lose at the awards I'm really excited to be shortlisted with these great Australian crime writing legends.