Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Sun Is God

My new novel, the third Sean Duffy book, In The Morning I'll Be Gone will be out later this week. But the question they always ask you in interviews is what's next? Since this is the end of Duffy (for now!) I'll tell you what's next. Its a standalone mystery based on a true story set in the German colony of Neu Guinea in 1906. This is how the book is described on

It is 1906 and Will Prior is in self-imposed exile on a remote South Pacific island, working a small, and failing, plantation. He should never have told anyone about his previous existence as a military foot policeman in the Boer War, but a man needs friends, even if they are as stuffy and, well, German, as Hauptmann Kessler, the local government representative. So it is that Kessler approaches Will one hot afternoon, with a request for his help with a problem on a neighbouring island, inhabited by a reclusive, cultish group of European 'cocovores', who believe that naked sun worship and eating only coconuts will bring them eternal life. Unfortunately, one of their number has died in suspicious circumstances, and Kessler has been tasked with uncovering the real reason for his demise. So along with a 'lady traveller', Bessie Pullen-Burry, who is foisted on them by the archipelago's eccentric owner, they travel to the island of Kabakon, to find out what is really going on.

Incidentally Amazon claims this is a July 2015 release but its not, it's coming out this July... And in the meantime please don't forget my new Sean Duffy coming out in a few days!
February 5 Update:
I've changed this blogpost to include the actual Serpents Tail cover - a cover I really like.