Saturday, August 30, 2014

The First Five Chapters of Sean Duffy #4: Gun Street Girl

Click the link below to read the first five chapters of Sean Duffy #4. Remember this is a work in progress so a lot of this may change and/or get deleted. If you're wondering about page 1, yes it is an intentional echo of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row and the beginning of the Alan Moore comic Watchmen (the book begins exactly the same night that Rorschach's journal begins). I initially wanted to begin the book with a chapter of static which I've never seen done before in a mystery novel, but I thought better of that... Feel free to read online or print out and read at your leisure. Do keep going until chapter 5 because I think that one is pretty funny...Comments/suggestions are much appreciated...(preferably here rather than the actual chapters because its easier for me to reply). Slainte.