Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 Belfast Noir Events

November 7th at NYU Irish House in Manhattan the convincingly bearded Stuart Neville, the moderately bearded John Connolly and the clean shaven Lee Child will be launching Belfast Noir!
November 14th The terrificly bearded Peter Rozovsky will be talking all things Belfast Noir at Bouchercon Long Beach with the goateed Gerard Brennan, the bearded Stu Neville and the clean shaven Paul Charles.
November 22nd at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast, Belfast Noir's Irish launch will be hosted by the completely hairless Dave Torrans and No Alibis books and will feature as many of the authors who can make it as possible. (I'm told there's going to be a pretty healthy turn out for this one!)
December 17th at the Celtic Club in Melbourne I'll be shaving, putting on a clean shirt and talking all things Belfast Noir.
There you go, 4 Belfast Noir events on 3 continents. Maybe the Wall Street Journal and the Irish Examiner are right in saying that Belfast is the hip new Scandinavia or, er, something