Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ireland Is A Railway Poster: Adrian McKinty in Carrickfergus & Yorkshire

man in deck chair taken aback by appearance of 2 people under 60 in Harrogate
I'll be doing several book readings and events in July that you are very welcome, indeed, encouraged to come to. 

At the Harrogate crime writing festival I'll be on a panel with some very big guns indeed: Eoin McNamee, Stuart Neville, myself and Steve Cavanagh will be in conversation with Brian McGilloway. This event is entitled Irish Noir and will be at noon on Friday July 17th. I'm supposed to arrive from Melbourne the night before so I'll be my usual punchy, pissed off, jetlagged beardy self. McGilloway will be charming. Nev will be funny. Eoin will be all intellectual and everything and Steve I dont know but he seems like a funny & witty bloke too. 

In Carrickfergus I'll be reading at Carrickfergus Library on Monday July 20th and I'll also be doing maybe 1 or two more readings that are TBA.