Friday, July 24, 2015

Cop Story

Louie wandered off the rails a bit last season for me. I didn't really get the long arc with the Hungarian lady and Pamela is not a terribly interesting character. But of course this being Louie and thus one of the best things on TV the season had its moments: So Did The Fat Lady was a great episode and the two part flashback to Louis's childhood in Newton, Mass (where he went to school with my missus) was a classic. When Louis CK is least concerned about giving us the funny and more interested in giving us actual human emotions the show works best. I've been watching the new season here in Australia and although Pamela is still in it, already we've had a season highlight with Cop Story. A profound look at the helplessness men in their 40's feel with a world spinning out of control all around them. Michael Rapaport plays Louis's cop friend who he hasn't seen since Louis's sister dumped him two decades earlier. The two reluctantly get together to go see a Knicks game and then shit happens...It's very good.