Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stieg Larsson = Tupac

When I heard the news that there was a second unpublished Stieg Larsson novel lurking on his long time girlfriend's laptop I wasn't surprised. Like Michael Jackson and Tupac, the late Mr Larsson is destined to become more prolific in death than the poor chap was in life. This is an exciting development for Larsson fans and bad news, obviously, for misogynistic Russian pigdog incestuous rapists.
Any spoilers? Well, I've heard that in books 4 and 5 Lisbeth Salander gets even bigger breast implants than the ones she got in book 2 and Cally Blomkvist turns over more filthy stones in that hypocritical, poisonous, cess filled, putrid, neo Nazi, kakistocracy that we foolish bourgeois dupes in the West call, er, Sweden.