Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is The Harry Potter Thing Over Now?

I couple of days ago I read a review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows, on my old pal Girish Shahane's blog. Now, if I recall correctly, Deathly Harrows is the last of the Potter books! So that's it then is it? This is the last Harry Potter film of the last Harry Potter book? Is it all over now? If so I must say I'm relieved. I've never gotten on board the Harry Potter train myself whether at Kings Cross station nor anywhere else. The books bored me silly and the clips of the films I've seen on TV looked pretty dire: a bunch of obnoxious English boarding school kids pointing magic wands at each other...Hmmm. I'm glad children seem to enjoy these novels and I hope it's got a lot of them reading, but I've never understood the appeal they have for adults. Still I'm not complaining at the moment, I'm just glad that after ten long years it's finally finished. Unless Ms Rowling writes another one of course.
On another topic entirely...Girish also has an interesting post about an incident from our college days here.