Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crime Factory The First Shift

Crime Factory: The First Shift is an excellent collection of noir short stories. And I say this not because of but in spite of the fact that I'm in it. My tale was an attempt to write a noir in the most unlikely setting that I could possibly think of. No not a cozy English vicarage, that's Dame Agatha's territory but that yuppie Thunderdome known as a squash court. Whether I pulled it off or not you'll have to judge for yourself.
There are lots of great stories in The First Shift which has been brilliantly assembled and put together by the bright young things of Crime Factory Magazine. You can read a review of TFS here and another one here and you can get it on Amazon or at all quality book shops. How do you know if its a quality bookshop? Ask them if they have TFS and if they don't they're not.