Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More of Duffy's Carrickfergus


adrian mckinty said...

As further proof if proof were needed that I wd make a very poor detective, someone on twitter tells me that the Banksy graffiti from the previous post is in fact still there opposite Tesco's which I went in twice and failed to see it.

Dana King said...

These are great and much appreciated little travelogues. The videos of Duffy's neighborhood and his preferred drinking establishment are much as I imagined them, especially the street where he lives. You're either a hell of a writer or I'm a uniquely insightful reader.

adrian mckinty said...


Almost certainly the latter, mate!

PG said...

Adrian, Would you be interested in speaking at the Melbourne Celtic Club sometime?
I am the Club secretary and secretary of the Cultural Heritage Committee.
Peter Gavin

adrian mckinty said...


Yeah I would. I'd love it. Follow me on twitter, I'll follow you and we can private message our email addresses, yeah?

Brendan O'Leary said...

There's obviously more to Carrickfergus than the casual ferry passenger would realise.

It's just as your books describe, but still good to see.

I've worked with so many people from around there and also Bangor etc. Worked with so many because they have moved away.

adrian mckinty said...


The conceit of the books is that Carrickfergus is the most interesting place on Earth. It isnt but thats the conceit.