Friday, March 20, 2015

Free Audible Books

If you haven't listened to the Sean Duffy series on Audible then you are missing on a real treat as Ger Doyle does a terrific job narrating the books. (He's also the narrator for Stu Neville and Ken Bruen.) have kindly sent me some offer codes to use to download any of the Duffy books. Some of the codes give you two credits (all of the books are only 1 credit) long so you can get 2 Sean Duffys. If you do use the code to get your free audiobook I ask two things of you: 

1. Please let us know that the code has been used in the comments below so that readers can move onto the next one. 

2. The whole purpose of this is to get the Sean Duffy series a little more notice on the Audible site so please leave me a review on audible in exchange for your book. 

thank you!!!! The codes are: