Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review This Book

If you're an user and haven't had a chance to review Gun Street Girl I'd appreciate it if you cd stick your oar in this week. I only need 3 more reviews to reach 100 for the book, which will give me some immunity against troll attacks. Dont know what any of that means? I didnt either until I got some troll attacks....Anyway I'd appreciate a review if you get the opportunity. No big deal if you dont want to. I'm not the type to hold it against you.
You can review the book or any of the Duffy books here: adrian mckinty's amazon page. Thank you!
Tuesday afternoon updateWow. 13 brand new reviews! Many thanks to everyone who jumped on over there and left me a review. I really appreciate it. I've talked to some authors who dont think customer reviews make any difference to sales. I totally disagree and I think they are deluding themselves. This is the age we live in. The gate-keepers have lost a lot of their power (personally I think this a good thing as gate keepers like The New York Times have never reviewed me) and the power has been passed over to the customers, geeks and fans. Again, thank you!