Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ben Wheatley Rated

My favourite new British film director rated in the standard A,B,C,D, F format. The occasional F grade, by the way, is a very good thing for a film maker because it shows you that they're willing to make non conformist non mainstream stuff that appeals to them but probably to nobody else. I'd rather watch a director who gets a lot of F and A grades and avoids B, C, D. (If I may be permitted to go a little off piste here, Spielberg and Scorsese for example have been B, C, D directors for the last 25 years or so. Nothing spectacularly good, nothing spectacularly bad.) Anyway back to Mr Wheatley. I've reviewed only his films not his TV work. 

Free Fire (2016) TBD

High Rise (2015) B

A Field in England (2013) F

Sightseers (2012) A

Kill List (2011) A

Down Terrace (2009) A