Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Chain is out today!

Whoa, 2 years in the making and finally its here... my novel The Chain is released in every English
speaking market today July 9th.*

Please check it out and if sounds like your sort of thing well then do get yourself a copy. And if you like it oh my goodness I'd be so happy if you left me a review on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you like to leave reviews.

Finally, if you are in Scottsdale tonight I'll be launching The Chain at Poisoned Pen bookstore with the great Diana Gabaldon.

Thank you folks for sticking by me and my apologies for what has been a LONG gap between books.

Hopefully Duffy 7 will be up next...

*(Except of course the Isle of Man where it will NOT be on sale because of a bad experience I had there in the eighth grade.)**

** I kid! I love the Isle of Man! It's the best.