Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guest Blogger Review: Little House on the Prairie

by Arwynn McKinty (aged 6)

Two girls named Laura and Mary, their baby sister Carrie, their papa and their mama went from the Big Woods to Indian Country in the olden days. They travelled all the way from Wisconsin to Oklahoma in their wagon and their horses Pet and Patty and their dog Jack. Jack walks under the wagon and the horses pull it. When they got to the prairie pa built a house out of logs and trees. To get their food pa went hunting. At Christmas one of their neighbours brought them their presents because Santa Claus couldn't go across the river. Pa dug a well and their other neighbour Mr Scott fell down it! When they had their house finished and really beautiful with glass in the windows the government told them to move on so they went in their wagon to go somewhere else and build a new house! I really liked the book, but I felt sad when they had to move.