Friday, January 30, 2009

Ve Haff Vays of Making You Talk

No this post isnt going to be about Kate Winslet's accent in the Reader or Dick Cheney's night-time activities in the dungeons of the Pentagon, rather this is going to be about talking books. Me own wee talking books to be exact. See, those nice chaps at Blackstone Audio want to do an audiobook of Fifty Grand and today we said yes to their fine offer. They've done four of my books as audios before including the Dead Trilogy (all of which won Earphones Awards and, incredibly, The Dead Yard won Audiobook of the year in the Mystery-Thriller category). Its a bit frakking odd to me that my books in print-form have more or less died but in audio format they're getting a second life. I have 10 times the number of ratings and reviews on than I do on and I get far more letters and email about the audioversions of the dead trilogy than I ever did about the book version. One part of me is happy and one part of me is pissed off - what was wrong with the bloody book, eh? Still, back on topic, come the summer you should be able to get Fifty Grand as a hardback, paperback, CD book or digital download and if you wait a few weeks longer you can get it completely free as a bit torrent from Pirate Bay - the bastards.